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Kenya Water Yearbook & Directory 2019

Kenya Water Yearbook is our first attempt to have a directory of water sector players in one handbook. Information and contacts for companies and specialists in the sector are included in the directory. We endeavour to ensure it is as conclusive as possible. The yearbook provides trends, technologies and events that significantly influenced the country’s water sector in 2018. We also preview the sector’s expectations of 2019 by interviewing government policymakers and business leaders.

Identifying key players in the water sector enables us to get relevant information that is useful to all interested parties. Knowing who the stakeholders are also puts us in a firm position to demand that they adequately play their role. In line with our mission, we also demand sustainable water use from everyone.

We’ll continue to use all our information platforms to advocate for technologies and knowledge that promotes sustainable use of water. We’ll use our website to seek and share information on ways we can sustainably use our water. We’ll work with organisations and the community. We’ll promote technologies and appliances that use water efficiently.

Kenya’s national water coverage is 60 per cent meaning about 18 million Kenyans have no access to clean drinking water. We’ll follow up on the work by the Government and water services companies to reach universal water coverage by 2030, as announced by the Government. Work is also needed in sanitation. Urban sewerage coverage is 25 per cent, according Ministry of Water and Sanitation.

Kenya Water Yearbook is one of platforms we’ve to promote sustainable water and sanitation. There’s inadequate information sharing platform for those looking for water appliances or technologies and other information relating to use of water and sanitation. WaterTower, the publisher of this yearbook, is offering a solution to both consumers and businesses by creating a local information sharing utility. Let’s continue our conversation on our website

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