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Water Research & Innovation-Kenya

Kenya needs integrated solutions in water security and sustainability such that individuals, communities and businesses benefit from productive, equitable water systems and ecosystem services. We recognise the role research and innovation can play in addressing national and global challenges for society and the economy.

Research and innovation will play a significant role in achieving a sustainable and secure water resource in future. Science and technology has helped meet the ever increasing demands on the water sector. Deploying new technologies, processes and knowledge that help make the global water sector more innovative and profitable will be even more critical in the future.

To have impact on society and the economy, outcomes from research must include improved decision making and increased capacity and capability in innovation. Decision makers and innovators need outputs such as the foresight, knowledge and tools needed to help choose between different options. Such outputs strengthen the evidence base and increase opportunities to develop best practice and new products and services.innovation-water


About Kaburu Mugambi

Kaburu Mugambi is a veteran of business reporting having worked with two national newspapers in Kenya. He is a graduate of economics from Kenyatta University. He started his journalism career in 2000 with The People Daily as a business reporter before becoming a business sub-editor. He joined Daily Nation in 2004 as a business writer. He holds a post-graduate diploma in mass communication from University of Nairobi's School of Journalism and an MBA in marketing from the same university. In 2016, he founded Water Tower, a media firm focused on water, energy and climate. Its content cuts across water, energy and climate with emphasis on adaptation and sustainability.

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