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Water uses for Transport

water-transportMombasa, the largest port in East Africa, is well endowed with equipment and facilities, and has a natural port whose berths do not require constant dredging with adequate dock infrastructure.  It is Kenya’s only international seaport and handles cargo not only for Kenya but also for Uganda, southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Inland water transport infrastructure on Lake Victoria comprises port facilities at Kisumu and in the other ancillary ports.   The Government of Kenya has a fleet of about five vessels for the 10 transportation of both passengers and cargo on Lake Victoria.

The largest vessel is the MV Uhuru, a wagon ferry with a cargo capacity of 1,200 tonnes (equivalent to 22 wagons), which is usually used on international trading routes.  It carries export/import and transit cargo in rail wagons between Kisumu and Port Bell in Uganda and between Kisumu and Mwanza in Tanzania.

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