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Water Sector Sees Low Growth in 2017

Water Services Regulatory Board indicates that performance has more or less stagnated. In its Impact Report 2018, Wasreb highlights performance of the water services sector over a two year period (2015/16 to 2016/17).

The water services sector has three immediate goals of improving access, ensuring cost recovery and reducing water losses.

Wasreb chief executive officer Robert Gakubia in his foreword to the Impact Report 2018 said it was regrettable that no significant improvement in all the three indicators has been realised in the last few years.

“The foregoing situation is partly driven by inadequate investments which are not in tandem with the rapid population growth,” he says. “The significant system inefficiencies that still exist and lack of sustainable cost recovery models compound the situation.”

Mr Gakubia calls for increased financing and ensuring efficiency of the investments if universal access is to be achieved.

He says Wasreb would continue to facilitate and build an environment that makes the water services sector open to innovative and non-traditional sources of finance. It will focus assessment of utilities on technical standards, corporate governance and creditworthiness.

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