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Water Companies


Africa Water Drilling

African Water Drilling Company is licensed to provide water well drilling in Kenya. It offers full range of services for the development of high quality water drilling. The company uses state of art technology and equipment to provide groundwater exploration, development and water system rehabilitation.

Telephone – 0722387644, 0723021095

Email – info@africanwaterdrilling.com

Website – www.africanwaterdrilling.com


Drilling JB Kenya

JB Drilling is a licensed borehole drilling contractor.  It started drilling operations in Kenya in 1991 steadily expanding its expertise and expanding its capacity.

Telephone – 0720250680

Emil – admin@jbdrilling.com

Website – www.jbdrilling.com


Drilling & Prospecting International

Drilling & Prospecting International was established in 2002 and is one of East Africa’s largest full service drilling contracting companies, operating a total of 15 rigs of various sizes and capabilities. Its drilling services include geotechnical site investigations for building and civil engineering design, mineral exploration, overwater drilling, environmental drilling comprising and associated services.

Telephone – 0719670000

Email – info@dpiafrica.co.ke

Website – www.dpiafrica.co.ke


Drilling Spares & Services

The company is a water well drilling company and has undertaken both private and government works in Kenyan, Uganda and Tanzania. Drilling Spares operates seven rotary drilling rigs. It operates a drilling rig manufacturing unit to cater for the needs of the water well market in Africa.

Telephone – 0722204761

Email – info@drillingspareskenya.com

Website – www.drillingspareskenya.com



East Africa Aquatech Drilling

The inception and establishment of EAADL, was a result of realisation of the fast depletion of surface water resources in Kenya and in the region and the increased dependency of rural and urban communities on underground water in the region. It is involved in site investigations and borehole drilling in Kenya, Sudan, Somalia and the larger eastern and central Africa.

Telephone – 202667547, 0714654789

Email – info@eaadl.com

Website – www.eaadl.com


Hydro Water Well

Over the past 18 years, the company has drilled over 4,000 boreholes countrywide under various governmental, non-governmental, institutions and individual projects. It says it has perfected its understanding of the needs of the different clientele it serves and how to meet their varied requirements.

Telephone – 0722206144, 0722206149

Email – drilling@hydrowater.co.ke or

Website – www.hydrogroup.co.ke


Kipya (Africa)

Kipya is an information company in earth sciences business (oil and gas, mining, geothermal, geo-technical and water) in Africa.

Telephone – 0728615438

Email – info@africa-drilling-solutions.com

Website – www.africa-drilling-solutions.com


Kisima Drilling (E.A)

Kisima Drilling was established in Kenya in June 2006 in the name of PRVS Drilling Ltd and eventually changed the name to Kisima Drilling (E.A.) Ltd. It is registered by Ministry of Water as a borehole contractor.  Kisima Drilling is also the sole distributor of Livpure Water Purifiers in Kenya.

Telephone – 0723456842, 0735010542

Email – info@kisimadrilling.com

Website – kisimadrilling.com


Sparr Drilling Compnay

Sparr Drilling Company is one of the leading borehole drilling contractors in Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan. Established 20 years ago, the company owns four modern drilling rigs and Elgi Compressors all using Down the Hole (DTH) drilling method, which the company says puts it ahead of the competition in the drilling industry.

Telephone – 0736248656, 077413786

Email – info@sparrdrilling.com

Website – www.sparrdrilling.com


The Insta-Pumps Engineering

Insta-Pumps Group was incorporated in the year 2002, and has evolved the drilling, pumping and transmission concept to an industrial scale. Insta-Pumps has invested in deep drilling and commercial techniques.

Telephone – 202066040, 0722804250

Email – info@insta-pumps.com

Website – www.insta-pumps.com


Vajra Drill

Vajra Drill launched its services in Kenya with an objective to offer quality services in the field of ground water exploration of and civil works. The company is promoted by a group of technocrats from India and Kenya.

Telephone – 0725283762

Email – info@vajradrill.com

Website – www.vajradrill.com



African Boreholes Initiative

African Boreholes Initiative Limited’s goal for water is to ensure communities have the capacity to develop, operate and maintain their water sources in a sustainable way. Its innovative technologies and professional services have a rapid and widespread application.

Telephone – 0728787417

Email – africanboreholes.operations@gmail.com

Website – africanboreholes.net


Aqua Drilling & Civil Works Company

Aqua Drilling & Civil Works was incorporated in 2007 and commenced its operations in the same year.  It carries out drilling procedures, hydrological services and prepares application for drilling permit and gets permission to drill borehole from Water Resources Authority. It also prepares National Environment Management Authority’s Environment Impact Assessment report, submitting for authorisation and getting approval.

Telephone – 0723392560, 0733392560

Email – info@aquadrillingcw.com

Website – www.aquadrillingcw.com


Aqua Well Services

Aqua Well is a firm of professional geologists, hydro-geologists, hydrologists and groundwater consultants established in 1989. It is headquartered in Nairobi with operations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Telephone – 0722600108, 0733380393

Email – simonaquawell@yahoo.com

Website – www.aquawellservices.com


Basil Drilling Company

Basil Drilling Company is an established borehole drilling firm based in Nairobi. Basil has completed more than 400 boreholes for domestic, industrial and agriculture requirements in Kenya.

Telephone – 0721838855, 0713991799

Email – info@basilkenya.com,

Website – basildrilling.zohosites.com




Envirosafe is a privately owned waste company that specialise in disposal of medical hazardous waste that poses substantial and potential threat to the public or the environment.

Telephone – 0739951118

Email – info@envirosafe.co.ke

Website – www.envirosafe.co.ke



Aqualytic Laboratories

Aqualytic Laboratories is a company registered in Kenya, with its headquarters in Nairobi. It was established in 2012. The Water Testing Laboratory is a high production state of the art water and wastewater laboratory specialising in chemical and bacteriological analysis. Its technical staff comprise analytical and water chemists, environmentalists and water technicians.

Telephone – 0722547344

Email – lab@aqualyticlab.com

Website – www.aqualyticlab.com



Aquavit is a professionally-run outfit that provides its customers with clean hygienic water 24 hours a day. Its main focus is in supplying clean hygienic water to its clients on time at a reasonable price.

Telephone – 0729110004, 0722391927

Email – info@aquavit.co.ke

Website – aquavit.co.ke



The Aquaya Institute is a non-profit research and consulting organisation dedicated to improving health in the developing world. It delivers knowledge and tools that are required to achieve universal access to safe water and sanitation.

Telephone – 0701178714

Email – info@aquaya.org

Website – www.aquaya.org


Grundfos Lifelink (Kenya)

The company says it develops water solutions for the world. Grundfos Lifelink’s solutions help its partners and customers move water to where it is supposed to go. It provides drinking water for the smallest villages and the highest skyscrapers, treating and removing wastewater.

Telephone – 0709048000

Email – poketch@grundfos.com

Website – www.grundfos.com


Kenya Water & Sanitation Civil Society Network

Kewasnet provides a linkage between water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and water resources management utilities and users by facilitating partnerships between policymakers and stakeholders and encouraging equitable participation by all parties in governance and decision making mechanisms.

Telephone – 0705530499, 202656281

Email – info@kewasnet.co.ke

Website – kewasnet.co.ke


Pristine International

Pristine International was established in 2010 in Nairobi to engage in manufacturing and selling purified, bottled drinking water.

Telephone – 0734456789, 0726922999

Email – info@pristinewater.co.ke

Website – www.pristinewater.co.ke


Water Services Providers Association (WASPA)

WASPA was formed by water service providers to be a forum for various companies to learn from each other.  It has a current membership of 58 paid up members.

Telephone – 202712285, 202716103 Extension 42270

Email – info@waspakenya.or.ke

Website – waspakenya.or.ke



Waterlink deals with a wide range of business in engineering scope with a greater bias in water engineering. It is also registered as drilling contractors by the Ministry of Water and also civil, electromechanical works.

Telephone – 0765720720

Email – info@waterlink.co.ke

Website – waterlink.co.ke



Kentainers manufacture polyethylene roto molded products under the brand name Kentank, used for storage of water, food and grain. The company additionally manufactures biogas digesters and dry sanitation off grid toilets.

Telephone – 0733206378

Website – www.kentainers.co.ke


Wotech Kenya

Wotech Kenya Limited is an engineering company that is an expert in water solutions, mainly borehole drilling, borehole equipping, solar pumping system, and borehole pumps and accessories.

Telephone – 0720528274, 0772428403, 0739005728

Email – info@wotechkenya.com

Website – wotechkenya.com



Diarim Enterprises

Diarim Enterprises prides itself in the reputation that it has been established over 18 years ago by providing customers with superior chemical distribution services. Along the way, Diarim Enterprises approach to chemical industry has been to provide customers with a single point of contact for all of their chemical needs. Diarim Enterprises has progressed into a company that provides customers with a variety of comprehensive chemical programmes.

Telephone – 0202402390

Email – info@diarim.com

Website – www.diarim.com


Geotronics Engineering

Geotronics Engineering was incorporated in 2008 and since inception the company has matured into a successful medium sized firm with experience in hydro geological and geophysical studies, geotechnical engineering, environmental impact assessment studies, borehole drilling, borehole rehabilitation services, pumps installation as well as civil and irrigation engineering services.

Telephone – 0722528406

Email – geotronics2005@yahoo.com

Website – geotronics.co.ke



Kenluxury was established in 1995, initially as a water and mechanical engineering company in Nairobi. From the start, it had an advantage over local companies because of the use of advanced technology and high-tech materials imported from all over the world.

Telephone – 0720261036, 0733316694

Email – kenluxury@kenluxury.com

Website – www.kenluxury.com




Japmor is a for-profit social venture firm founded in 2009 to bring low cost, affordable, life changing and sustainable solutions to the last mile person. Its core mission is to provide safe and affordable drinking water to all. And the long-term goal is to have at least 80 per cent of the households in Kenya using a water filter by 2030.

Telephone – 0710743771

Email – info@japmor.com

Website – japmor.co.ke


Vestergaard Africa

Vestergaard is a family owned global health company dedicated to improving health of vulnerable people, most of who live in developing countries. Its solutions contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet by fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrheal diseases and neglected tropical diseases.

Telephone – 204444758/9

Website – www.vestergaard.com


Water Engineering & Pumping Technologies

Water Engineering and Pumping Technologies specialises in provision of energy, air and water technologies and solutions in East Africa.

Telephone – 0721369748, 0721178729, 0722472771, 0714133321

Email – info@water-engineering.co.ke

Website – www.water-engineering.co.ke



City Engineering Works (Kenya)

City Engineering Works strives to continually meet and exceed customers’ expectations in the provision of water storage tanks, hot water cylinders, general fabrication and all galvanising needs.

Telephone – 0722484055, 0736572447

Website – www.cityengineeringworks.com


David Engineering

David Engineering is one of East Africa’s leading companies in the diversified field of steel fabrication and erection. It has a modern manufacturing facility with an in-house design and drawing office which is equipped with the latest design and detailing software.

Telephone – 2376339, 2513939, 2513942

Email – kenya@davidengineeringltd.com

Website – www.davidengineeringltd.com


Jojo Plastics

Manufacture water and sanitation products such as water tanks, troughs, buckets, septic tanks, wheelbins and waste disposal products.

Telephone – 0713483445, 0731293861

Email – info@jojo.co.ke

Website – www.jojo.co.ke



Kentainers manufacture polyethylene roto molded products under the brand Kentank. It is Kenya’s known brand for the storage of water, food and grain. The company additionally manufactures biogas digesters and dry sanitation off grid toilets.

Telephone – 0733206378

Website – www.kentainers.co.ke


Roto Moulders

Roto Moulders manufacture cylindrical water storage tanks from 100 litres to 23,000 litres, rectangular loft tanks from 230 to 920 litres, ball-shaped underground tanks of 2300 litres and 4600 litres, septic tanks from 1700 litres to 6000 litres. The ball-shaped underground storage tank is uniquely designed as septic tanks. Roto Moulders has launched its new range of horizontal cylindrical tanks in various sizes of 1000 litres and 2500 litres. It also manufactures a large range of industrial products like crates, trays, boxes, pit slabs and dustbins.

Telephone – 0733600203, 0722203486, 0726610471

Email – enquiries@rotomoulders.com

Website – www.rotomoulders.com



Techno-Plast (Techno Tanks) was established in October 1994. It manufactures round regular, rectangular, underground, transport, round short and round tall tanks. It recently introduced coloured water tanks.

Telephone – 0720622222

Email – info@techno-plast.com

Website – www.techno-plast.com



Astral Pipes

Astra Pipes manufactures Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) plumbing systems, pressure pipes, column pipes for boreholes and sewer or drain pipes and fittings.

Telephone – 0733817075, 0727817075

Website – astralcpvc.co.ke


Eslon Plastics of Kenya

Eslon Plastics of Kenya offers wide range of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings.

Telephone – 0735405112, 0726476024

Email – info@eslon.co.ke

Website – www.eslon.co.ke


General Industries

The company started small in 1972 as a supplier to textile and packaging industries and gradually transformed into a pipe manufacturing in 1995 when the initial pipe extruder was commissioned. It currently supplies pipes to various water supply and irrigation projects throughout the country.

Telephone – 0722706126, 0737400277

Email – info@gil.co.ke

Website – www.gilkenya.com


Metalart Engineering

Metalart Engineering undertakes structural steel fabrication of warehouses, warehouse structures, roof works, pressed steel tanks and cylindrical tanks. In agriculture, the company fabricates special sized pipes and pipe fittings, for example, tees, bends, reducers, flanges and mechanical couplings.

Telephone – 0722809788, 0734907802

Email – info@metalartengg.com

Website – www.metalartengg.com


Metro Plastics Kenya

Established in 1983, Metro Plastics Kenya is a pioneer in manufacturing of uPVC, PPR and HDPE pipes and fittings. Under brand name Metro, the company products are used in irrigation, construction, plumbing and landscaping.

Telephone – 0733550355, 0727533619

Email – sales@metrogroup.co.ke

Website – www.metrogroup.co.ke



Polypipes Limited has steel and pipe divisions. It manufactures rolling steel products at its manufacturing facility in Kikuyu. It manufactures PVC pipes at its manufacturing plant in Limuru. It makes various sizes of PVC, PPR, HDPE pipes and fittings. They include PVC waste pipes, PVC pressure pipes, PVC electrical pipes, PPR pipes, HDPE pipes, PVC fittings and PVC conduit.

Telephone – 202015023

Email – sales@polypipes.co.ke

Website – polypipes.co.ke


Aqua Plumbing Company

Aqua Plumbing is a plumbing and firefighting contractor, with a business scope that includes plumbing, drainage, firefighting, installing boilers, sprinkler systems and the supply of plumbing and firefighting materials.

Telephone – 0737909909

Email – aqua@aqua.co.ke

Website – www.aqua.co.ke


Atlas Plumbers & Builders

Atlas Plumbers and Builders has over 40 years’ experience in construction and building services industries in East Africa. It has worked on housing schemes, universities and student centres, hospital wings, office blocks and towers, and large-scale water reticulation and sewerage management projects.

Telephone – 0770822011

Email – info@atlaspnb.com

Website – www.atlaspnb.com


Pioneer Plumbers

Since its establishment  in 1958 the company has been installing sprinkler systems, solar heater systems, steam systems and fire-fighting systems, swimming pools, filtration plant, water treatment and sanitary ware.

Telephone – 0722748204, 0722792661

Email – info@pioneerplumbers.com

Website – www.pioneerplumbers.com


PlumBuild & Engineering

PlumBuild & Engineering specialises in plumbing, sanitary ware installation, drainage, fire-fighting system installation, gas installation, sprinkler systems, solar heating systems, air conditioning and ventilations systems, steel tanks fabrications and regular service maintenance.

Telephone – 0736521030, 202081507

Email – plumbuild2010@gmail.com

Website – www.plumbuildke.com


Waterwise Services

Waterwise Services offers plumbing, sanitary fittings installations and drainage systems as well as sprinkler system for offices, industrial buildings, factories and warehouses.

Telephone – 0770129613

Email – info@waterwise-services.com

Website – www.waterwise.co.ke


Yogi Plumbers

Plumbing being its foundation, Yogi Plumbers offer plumbing service for commercial buildings, residential, apartments, laboratories, factories, hospitals, industries, hotels and other institutions.

Telephone – 202644843, 202644842

Email – info@yogiplumbers.com

Website – www.yogiplumbers.com



Plumbing Systems

Plumbing Systems is a company dealing with plumbing, drainage and fire protection services, the supply and installation of jet wastewater treatment plants, building and construction, supply of materials-hardware and all building requirements.

Telephone – 0798960969

Email – info@plumbingsystems.co.ke

Website – plumbingsystems.co.ke



Acme Containers

Acme Containers is a supplier of plastic injection moulded industrial products. Besides supplying industrial plastic products the company produces a wide range of plastic injection moulded domestic products such as chairs, tables, basins and buckets.

Telephone – 0734740707, 0722205927

Email – sales@acmecontainers.com

Website – acmecontainers.com


Adix Plastics

Adix Plastics is a plastic manufacturer located in Industrial Area, Nairobi. It was established in June 2006 to produce injection-moulded plastic products. The company manufactures both high and low density products such as buckets, basins, food stores, chairs, crates, water jugs, dustpans and cereal jars. It trades under the name Adix.

Telephone – 0729435256, 0717383292, 0734400902

Email – info@adixplastics.com

Website – www.adixplastics.com

Alankar Industries

Alankar was established in 2007 to manufacture plastic products. The products include consumer goods such as plastic basins, mugs, jugs, tea strainers, coat hangers and lunch boxes. The company recently started producing industrial products such as dosage spoons, file clips and pattress for the electric sockets.

Telephone – 0721533599, 0733324580

Website – www.alankarltd.com


Betatrad Kenya

Betatrad is a medium size company incorporated in Kenya in 1990. It manufactures and distributes plastics packaging materials. Betatrad offer packaging solutions to various food processing industries, dairy, horticulture, tea and coffee. It supplies shrink films, shrink bags, sleeves, stretch films and PE sheets.

Telephone – 0722889071

Email – info@betatrad.co.ke

Website – betatrad.co.ke


Complast Industries

Complast Industries was established in 1995 as part of multinational group with operations in Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo. Today it caters for not only Kenyan market but also east and central Africa. Complast manufactures baby items, basins, baskets, bins, buckets, chairs, crates, racks, food containers, jugs, mugs, glasses and tables sets.

Telephone – 0722201971

Email – info@complastkenya.com

Website – www.complastkenya.com


Crown Industries

Crown Industries manufactures plastic insulated wares such as hotpots-casseroles, tiffin carriers, water jugs, water bottles, ice pails, plastic gifts and novelties such as trays, fridge bottles, containers, water jugs, lunch boxes and desk items. It also makes plastic house wares such as buckets, jug, basins, stools, shopping basket, food containers, mugs, drums and dustbins.

Telephone – 0736650000, 0721796902

Email – sales@crownindustries.org

Website – www.crownindustries.org


Dune Packaging

Dune Packaging is a manufacturer of Polypropylene (PP) items. It produces a wide range of mainly household items of various colours and sizes whereby table wares are microwaveable.

Telephone – 0713595595, 0735595595

Email – info@dunepackaging.com

Website – www.dunepackaging.com


General Industries

The company started small in 1972 as a supplier to textile and packaging industries and gradually transformed into a pipe manufacturing company in 1995 when the initial pipe extruder was commissioned. General Industries is now known for pipe supplies to various water supply and irrigation projects in the country.

Telephone – 0722706126, 0737400277

Email – info@gil.co.ke

Website – www.gilkenya.com


Kenpoly Manufacturers

Kenpoly manufactures a wide range of plastic products including household range such as basins, buckets, baskets and furniture such as chairs, tables, trolleys and crates for industrial, horticultural and packaging uses.

Telephone – 0709956789

Email – care@kenpoly.com

Website – kenpoly.com


Mega (E.A) Plastics

Mega East Africa Plastics specialises in the sale and printing of durable, eco-friendly and sustainable cotton bags and kraft bags. It encourages the renunciation of plastic bags and makes a total contribution to our environment.

Telephone – 0725274810

Email – sales@megaea.co.ke

Website – megaea.co.ke


Nairobi Plastics

Its range of products include industrial buckets for paint, oil and detergent as well as a full range of domestic buckets. The company’s range also includes plates, mugs, bowls, water bottles, milk crates, measuring jugs and lunch boxes for domestic or commercial use.

Telephone – 0732629000

Email – info@nplkenya.com

Website – www.nairobiplastics.com

Sanpac Africa

Sanpac Africa focuses on meeting plastic packaging needs of its customers.  Materials such as Polypropylene (PP), PE, PVC and PS are imported and then used to make bottles, jars and cups by processes of blow, extrusion and injection moulding.

Telephone – 202112100

Email – sal@sanpac.com

Website – www.sanpac.com




TechnoPlast specialises in sanitary ware, taps and fittings, bathroom accessories, tiles, kitchens and wardrobes. It houses brands such as Villeroy & Boch, PoggenPohl, Ballerina, DornBracht, Delabie, Grohe, Emco, Keuco, Grespania, Dune, Baldocer, Kupperbusch and Rauch. These are international brands well advanced in building and interior industry.

Telephone – 0720622222

Email – info@techno-plast.com

Website – www.techno-plast.com



LIXIL is a global leading brand in tiles, bathroom furniture and bathroom and kitchen units.

Email – pr@lixil.co.jp

Website – global.lixil.co.jp


Palmy Enterprises

Palmy Enterprises, founded in 2010, manufactures tissues, hand wash, shampoos, serviettes and kitchen towels.

Telephone – 0795422729

Email – info@palmy.co.ke

Website – www.palmy.co.ke




Telephone – 0722676582

Email – info@broomslimited.com

Website – www.broomslimited.com


Ecoloo Africa

Telephone – 202305204

Website – ecolooafrica.com



Excloosive says it provides extensive mobile sanitation services even in the most remote locations in Kenya and the East African region. In 2011, Excloosive branched out into the treatment and recycling of waste water and the use of waterless toilet technology to provide long term, sustainable sanitation solutions.

Telephone – 0708142611

Email – clientservice@excloosive.co.ke

Website – www.excloosive.co.ke



Pinpoint Hygiene Services

Pinpoint Hygiene Services is a cleaning company. It was established in 1998 to provide integrated solutions within its core activities of hygiene practices and technology.

Telephone – 0720057773, 0721457488

Email – info@pinpoint.co.ke

Website – pinpoint.co.ke



Superbroom Services is in cleaning and environment management business. It does window cleaning, office cleaning, landscaping and gardening, fumigation and pest control, and home cleaning.

Telephone – 0722232402, 0722330985

Email – info@superbroomservices.co.ke

Website – www.superbroomservices.co.ke

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