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Universities, colleges reopen on 5 October

Water, Sanitation and Irrigation minister Simon Chelugui attends Kenya Water Institute's graduation.
Mr Simon Chelugui, former Water, Sanitation and Irrigation minister, arrives at Kenya Water Institute’s graduation on 20 September 2019

On 15 March 2020, President Uhuru Kenyatta closed universities, colleges and schools because of Covid-19. Now, he is reopening universities and colleges. But only for finishing students. Later, university councils and college boards will give opening dates for other students.

Universities and colleges will open six months after closing in March because of Covid-19. Education ministry yesterday said classes will start on 5 October 2020.

Universities: Final year students will report on 5 October

Final year students in all universities and their colleges will report on 5 October 2020. This excludes other students.

Each university council and senate will announce reopening date for other students. The ministry said that universities will give priority to continuing students studying science courses.

Examination candidates in teaching and technical colleges to start on 5 October

Students who are to sit for their examinations will reopen 5 October 2020. So, other students will wait for their opening dates.

But, boards of teaching and technical colleges will give opening dates for the other students. The colleges will give first choice to students studying practical courses.

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Universities and colleges must obey Covid-19 rules

Education ministry said that physical learning must obey Health ministry’s Covid-19 guide. Also, it told college managers they must have safe and healthy environments for students, teachers and support staff.

Further, the ministry told all universities and colleges to –

  • monitor body temperature of all students and all people coming to their premises
  • obey high levels of hygiene, hand washing or using hand sanitisers
  • find ways to allow physical distancing
  • use of face masks or shields

In addition, all universities and colleges that were used as Covid-19 quarantine centres must disinfect their premises. Health ministry must confirm this is done.

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