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How to Clean your Bathroom Faucet

It’s easy to ignore the cleanliness of your bathroom faucets until dirt and rusts have appeared. With the cleaning tips below, find out how easy you can keep the cleanliness of your bathroom faucets without waiting for them to rust.

If you keep on postponing on cleaning your faucets, you may need to replace them after a while. Cleaning your bathroom faucets is easier than you think.

how to clean bathroom faucet

Use different solutions to clean the bathroom faucets

  • There are different cleaning solutions to get rid of the mildew stains and water marks on your bathroom faucets. If you do have a chrome bathroom faucet at home, there are several different solutions that you can try to effectively get rid of the stains on your bathroom faucets. Simply cleaning the faucet can be done with a warm water and dish soap solution but that doesn’t guarantee on eliminating the stains.
  • To clean a faucet covered in grime and stains, there are two possible solutions. First, mix white vinegar and hot water to remove grime. Test the solution in a small section of the faucet to make sure it won’t trigger a reaction. If nothing happens, continue cleaning the rest of the faucet. Second, use a mixture of baking soda and a little bit of water to get rid of stains. It’s best to use an unused toothbrush to help you clean the nooks and crannies of the bathroom faucet.

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