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CS Message

Access to clean water is your right

I send my Goodwill message to all Kenyans, our Stakeholders and Development Partners in the Water and Sanitation Sector and to each and every one of you as we embrace a brand new year 2019.

May the year bring us more prosperity at individual, institutional levels as well as a country and even at regional levels.

CS Chelugui
CS Chelugui

As the Cabinet Secretary in-charge of the Water and Sanitation docket in the country, I hereby reaffirm my personal, my ministry’s and the Kenya Government’s commitment to further enhance access to safe and clean water to all as envisaged in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), goal number six on water issues, Water Act 2016, Kenya Constitution 2010 and other official government policies and document statements, as access to clean water is a human right, and NOT, a favour.

Our current national target is to increase the national water coverage from the current 60 per cent to 80 per cent in 2022 and strive to attain universal water coverage in 2030 as envisaged in our country’s Vision 2030.

Under the current transformative leadership in my ministry, led by myself, the Chief Administrative Secretary Ms Winnie Guchu and Principal Secretary Joseph Irungu, supported by the technical, administrative departments and chief executive officers from water service institutions, we shall continue to work diligently with the county governments and any other relevant stakeholders, donors and our bilateral partners, to ensure that the last mile water connectivity programme to households is increased, so as to tremendously increase the number of water connections countrywide to further spur our country’s national growth.

Happy and prosperous New Year to you all.

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