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Government Pledge 80% Water Coverage by 2022

Water and Sanitation Chief Administrative Secretary Winnie Guchu has stressed the government will continue with the ongoing water sector reforms required by the Water Act, 2016.  She said the reforms must be continuous and consistent to cope with the ever-emerging dynamics within the water sector for its continued growth. She …

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Six million Kenyans have no Toilet

Pit Latrine

What’s the percentage of Kenyans accessing clean water in rural and urban areas? Only 28 per cent of rural and 32 per cent of urban Kenyans have access to improved sanitation, according to WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme 2017 report. What are sanitation statistics in terms of access to toilets; the …

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Two Worst Water Companies Scored Zero in all Indicators

Chemususu dam Eldama Ravin

The overall best performing utility for the eighth year in a row was Nyeri while the lowest ranked utilities were Olkejuado (third consecutive year) and Eldama Ravine. Water Services Regulatory Board said it is worrying that the two worst performing utilities recorded a score of zero in all nine key …

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Water Services Regulator Decries Low Coverage

Water Vendors

Kenya’s water coverage currently stands at 55 per cent against a 2015 National Water Services Strategy (NWSS) target of 80 per cent. This indicator has not registered any significant growth in the last three years, according to Impact Report 2018 by Water Services Regulatory Board (Wasreb). Wasreb chief executive officer, …

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