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6 top Israeli tech firms solving water problems

Water-from-air. Watergen’s water atmospheric generator, called Genny, which generates 30 litres of drinking water a day. It is a plug-and-drink device. It requires electricity only. It is ideal for homes and offices as alternative to bottled water, the firm says.

Israel is located on a stretch of a desert and 60% of the country is arid. Rainfall is not constant. This resulted in a constant pursuit for new technological solutions to manage water. Israel has a national strategy for water, said Mr William Sarni, founder and chief executive officer, Water …

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Water firms: Use digital technologies or die

Mr William Sarni, founder and chief executive officer, Water Foundry, a water data analytics and visualisation tools firm. He asks business leaders to read the book, The Technological Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation by Gerald C. Kane et al.

Water services firms must use data tools and technologies to make data-drive decisions so as to improve their performances. For example, after a water firm installed electromagnetic meters it found out that it was losing 52% of its water. Research shows that lack of a clear business strategy by managers …

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What is a Plumber’s Snake & How is it used?

Plumbing snake and how to use it

A plumber’s snake is a slender, flexible auger used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. The plumber’s snake is often reserved for difficult clogs that cannot be loosened with a plunger. It is also sometimes called a toilet jack. Plumber’s snakes have a coiled (helix-shaped) metal wire with a broader gap …

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How to Choose the Right Plunger

how to select buy the best plunger

A plunger, force cup, plumber’s friend, or plumber’s helper is a tool used to clear blockages in drains and pipes. It consists of a rubber suction cup with an attached stick (shaft), usually made of wood or plastic. For the common plunger, the cup is pushed down against the drain …

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Rain Water Conservation Products-Kentank

Turnkey Investments Ltd is the leading supplier of these conservation tanks. The company lets you find your perfect rain water storage tank. They supply Large Capacity Water Storage Tanks & Underground Water Storage Tank Systems for commercial and business needs. They are the authorised Dealer of kentainers Ltd Products ie …

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Drinking Water

As at 2012, 62 per cent of the Kenyan population enjoyed access to improved water sources. While 82 per cent of people in urban areas have access to improved water sources, including nearly 60 per cent who have piped water on the premises, only 55 per cent of people in …

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