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Kenya’s president names new cabinet

Kenya President William Ruto.

Kenyan President William Ruto on Tuesday named his nominees to the Cabinet to help steer the country after the 9 August general election. Mr Ruto has retained Mr Simon Chelugui giving him the ministry of Co-operatives and Small Enterprises Development. The president nominated current and former lawmakers to the cabinet. …

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Fuel subsidy cut: Ruto takes medicine even Europeans dread

A customer attendant at Rubis petrol station in Nairobi, Kenya. (Xinhua)

Governments give subsidies to protect consumers by keeping prices low, but they come at a high cost. Governments might raise taxes or borrow more or lower spending to give subsidies. Removing subsidies and using the money in productive investments could promote a country’s growth without running into problems. On Wednesday, …

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Ice Age: My journey searching for truth

A polar map shows five great ice caps, or centres, from which the ice moved outward during the Ice Age and to which it later retreated. (Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.)

“Did dinosaurs exist and did the Ice Age period exist?” My son asked me in 2009 after watching the movie Ice Age. In my past I had been quite religious, loving the abstract. On the other hand, my son follows logic. Our discussions lead to lengthy debates. These and many …

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Climate change: My grandmother’s view

Since records began in 1850, seventeen of the eighteen hottest years have occurred since 2000. (UNEP)

Greetings from my elderly grandmother, a farmer living in rural Kenya. She affirms that climate change is indeed an issue of concern in Kenya. Her description of the weather brings to light the evolution of climate change over the years, its definition, and its effects to the environment. My grandmother …

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Basics: Global warming or climate change?

Listening to news coverage regarding climate change can leave one confused and disinterested. This is because the discussions are filled with lots of technical language. Plants, birds, animals, and humans have all felt the impacts of climate change. This calls on us to educate ourselves to understand how each of …

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Where did the universe come from?

An artist's rendition of the Big Bang. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Numerous mythology and scientific hypotheses have attempted to explain the beginnings of the universe throughout history. The most widely accepted theory is the Big Bang theory—a colossal explosion that ushered the universe into existence. Join me to discover how the universe expanded from the size of an atom to include …

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