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March to May season: Most counties to get rain in March

A Kenyan map showing the expected rainfall pattern in March 2021 by counties.

Nineteen agricultural counties would get above normal rainfall. Seventeen counties could face lightning strikes and flooding. In addition, diseases such as malaria were likely to emerge around Lake Victoria and the coastal region. Kenya Meteorological Department expects 37 counties to get near normal or above normal rainfall. The remaining 10 …

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UNEP prize: Kenyan among seven world winners

Ms Nzambi Matee is a materials engineer and head of Gjenge Makers, which produces sustainable low-cost construction materials made of recycled plastic waste and sand.

Ms Nzambi Matee, 29, is this year’s African continent’s winner of UNEP Young Champions of the Earth prize. She is a materials engineer and head of her firm, Gjenge Makers. The firm makes low-cost construction materials made of recycled plastic waste and sand. Ms Matee with other six winners each …

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Covid-19: Ruiru Water income back to ‘normal’

Mr Simon Mwangi, managing director, Ruiru-Juja Water and Sewerage Company. He expects the firm to fully recover and expand next year.

It is now nine months since the hygiene crisis started. Hand washing with soap is one way to effectively prevent oneself from getting the virus. Thus water firms had to keep on supplying water as well as hand washing points. As demand for water rose, water firms’ incomes sharply dropped …

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Solar energy: Who wants amateur technician?

Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority is proposing new solar energy laws to improve workers’ professional skill. Further, the authority seeks to protect consumers by only allowing high quality products with guarantee. Also, the new regulations simplify the current solar power laws. An article by Nation Media Group’s Business Daily on …

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4m Kenyans have no toilet

Kenya handwashing. Water sector trust fund. Water Services Regulatory Board.

Over 900,000 families dispose their human waste in bushes and open spaces. Economic Survey for 2020 shows that about 7.4 per cent of households lack toilet. This is means that about 3.5 million people no toilet. WHO/Unicef Joint Monitoring Programme 2017 report found that only 28 per cent of rural …

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6 top Israeli tech firms solving water problems

Water-from-air. Watergen’s water atmospheric generator, called Genny, which generates 30 litres of drinking water a day. It is a plug-and-drink device. It requires electricity only. It is ideal for homes and offices as alternative to bottled water, the firm says.

Israel is located on a stretch of a desert and 60% of the country is arid. Rainfall is not constant. This resulted in a constant pursuit for new technological solutions to manage water. Israel has a national strategy for water, said Mr William Sarni, founder and chief executive officer, Water …

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