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Basics: Global warming or climate change?

An idealised model of the natural greenhouse effect.

Listening to news coverage regarding climate change can leave one confused and disinterested. This is because the discussions are filled with lots of technical language. Plants, birds, animals, and humans have all felt the impacts of climate change. This calls on us to educate ourselves to understand how each of …

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UNEP: Government must tax chemical fertilisers and pesticides

Pesticides and chemical fertilisers are harmful to nature and human health.

United Nations Environment Programme has told the government to help farmers use organic fertilisers and biological pest control instead of synthetic fertiliser and chemical pesticides. The government charges no tax on imported chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides. Also, these agricultural inputs are sold without 16 percent valued added tax (VAT). …

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Guide: How solar energy works

Kenyans use the Internet to know what solar energy is. Questions people are typing show a lot is unknown about solar energy. Where does solar energy come from? How does solar energy work? Is solar energy reliable? Can solar energy be used for cooking? Can solar energy run a refrigerator? …

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Wanted: Water treatment operator

Kenya Pipeline Company petroleum storage tanks.

Kenya Pipeline Company is looking for a water treatment operator to employ. The worker will run the firm’s water treatment plants to safeguard quality of the water for domestic and industrial use. The hired candidate will check and repair defects in water treatment plants daily. In addition, the employee will …

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