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Water firms: Use digital technologies or die

Mr William Sarni, founder and chief executive officer, Water Foundry, a water data analytics and visualisation tools firm. He asks business leaders to read the book, The Technological Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation by Gerald C. Kane et al.

Water services firms must use data tools and technologies to make data-drive decisions so as to improve their performances. For example, after a water firm installed electromagnetic meters it found out that it was losing 52% of its water. Research shows that lack of a clear business strategy by managers …

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How Israel became water tech powerhouse

Mr Zeev Elkin, Israel's minister for Water Resources.

Israel is located in Middle East, which has faced water shortage for thousands of years. In recent years, Israel has aggressively embraced water technologies to meet its water needs. Today, technology has helped Israel have enough water to even sell to its neighbours. Israel is located on a stretch of …

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Nyeri Water MD Gichaaga dies after short illness

Nyeri Water Chief Executive Officer Peter Gichaaga

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company has announced death of its Managing Director Peter Gichaaga. Chairman Patrick Munuhe said Mr Gichaaga died after short illness on 3 November 2020. Mr Munuhe remembered Mr Gichaaga as an astute leader, who passionately led the firm. “His persona and eloquence and his love for …

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Be careful when buying water pipes; some are low quality

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Bernard Njiraini, managing director, Kenya Bureau of Standards.

In August Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) seized over 20,000 water pipes which failed to meet set quality standards from six firms. Some firms were making the pipes without Kebs Standardisation Mark of Quality. One firm had pipes thinner than the set thickness. Also, its Standardisation Mark permit had expired. …

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Universities, colleges reopen on 5 October

Water, Sanitation and Irrigation minister Simon Chelugui attends Kenya Water Institute's graduation.

On 15 March 2020, President Uhuru Kenyatta closed universities, colleges and schools because of Covid-19. Now, he is reopening universities and colleges. But only for finishing students. Later, university councils and college boards will give opening dates for other students. Universities and colleges will open six months after closing in …

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Government gives water treatment chemicals worth Sh200m

water treatment chemicals

The government has finally given water services firms water treatment chemicals. Covid-19 cause closure of businesses and educational centres thus financially pressing the firms. In addition, a government’s order stops the firms from demanding payment from customers with unpaid bills. These free chemicals will lessen their financial burden. The government …

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UNEP calls for policy, funding to save coral reefs

Coral reefs. Great barrier reef.

The ocean is facing a perfect storm of pollution, overfishing, and climate change. These threats have pushed ecosystems such as coral reefs to the tipping point of collapse. UNEP is inspiring nations and individuals to take action. In Kenya, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Institute is leading in restoring degraded coral. …

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Kenya using low technology to restore coral reefs

Healthy coral reefs in Kenya

Unprecedented increase in sea-surface temperature in 1998 destroyed Kenya’s coral reefs. This reduced Kenya’s coral cover by 50-90 per cent with some sites losing all coral cover. Kenya Marine and Fisheries Institute is working on a community based reef restoration project. Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute is helping protect …

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