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4 things you must know when buying a washing machine

This is a side load washing machine. This type uses less water and electricity compared with a top load washing machine.

We may not avoid dirty clothes. But a reliable washing machine would make the load of washing lighter.

Washing machine helps save time and money. One can do other things while washing is going on. Because the washing machine is easy to control, one could also train children to use it. This means they can wash their clothes.

It takes short time to understand how washing machine works. Then one is able to choose the right wash cycle and correct amount of soap. Then you are assured of clean clothes.

What are types of washing machines?

There are two main types of washing machines. Top load and side load washing machine. For top load washing machine, clothes on the top while for side load washing clothes are loaded on the side. Comparing the two types, top load washing machine uses more water and electricity than side load washing machine.

Mr Joseph Ondigo, a washing machine technician, says all washing machines are the same. The only difference is how they work. Some consumers prefer one model, others prefer another.

Most people buy their washing machine from dealers such as Hotpoint or House Wife’s Paradise. Mr Ondigo gives us four things you must know when buying a washing machine.

1. Spare parts

The most important factor to consider is the availability of spare parts. You might find a very high quality washing machine, which is affordable. But because of the lack of spare parts it becomes expensive.


2. Technician

You must work with a technician or an expert to guide you before buying and installing the washing machine. A technician will do a survey. The survey helps customer choose a good washing machine and know how to get spare parts.

The survey will also help the customer buy the right machine. Without the survey a customer could buy a washing machine which is unsuitable for the family size. One might have a family of 20 members but buy a machine meant for a family of two.

3. Fixing

To install the washing machine, a technician must look at electricity supply, water flow and grounding of the machine.

Power and water supply have to be properly connected to ensure the machine works efficiently. Ensure you use power protector to protect the machine from electricity surges.

Ensure the machine is firmly grounded. Unstable ground for the machine will make it shake and could damage the machine’s parts.

4. Maintenance

What must you do after fixing the washing machine at your home? It must be serviced once every year so that it continues to work well.


What’s more?

There are things you must avoid so that your machine serves you better and for long.

  • Low pressure water and dirty water cause washing machine to malfunction.
  • Salty water shortens washing machine’s life.

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