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18th African Water Association International Congress & Exhibition

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Date: February 22-25, 2016.
Theme: Sustainable Access to Water and Sanitation in Africa

Background on AfWA International Water Congress and Exhibition

The overarching goal of AfWA’ s International Water Congress series is to identify, showcase and debate practical experiences and examples of service provision in developing countries that ‘work’, and critically, ‘work at large scale’. The Congress is therefore explicitly solutions focused, rather than diagnosing the challenges and problems in the sector, which are already well documented.

The forums are organized to empower and mandate utilities to be at the forefront of providing services to urban citizens, with a particular emphasis on the poor with emphasis on fostering a broader understanding of urban water management that considers catchment wide interactions between stakeholders and the opportunities for green infrastructure and services.

The needs are orientated to the growing demands of consumers that reflect local circumstances to engage with communities in a participatory manner. Programmes and deliberations are essentially organized to address the water related issues around these main topics: capacity development, service delivery, urban sanitation, urban water management.

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